07 April 2008

me and this thing

A new blog. (There are 100,000 new ones each day, I heard recently, most, as the commentator said, read only by the author and his/her mother. And, I'd guess, most of them in China.) And with a new blog, some navel-gazing. Does it have to be this way? A bit, yes. But I'll be quick about it.

Me: Half-French, part German, lifelong East Coaster till a few years ago except for a few brief stints abroad, live a bit east of LA now, love to eat, dine out & cook, have an amazing family (my partner dr and our two fantastic girls), work for a small human rights non-profit, care deeply about social justice.

I expect to write bits relating to all that on this blog, but whether I write anything at all on it, only time will tell (and allow, or not). And, as the name suggests, my original impetus for launching this is food-related.

Curious for more background? I could post more... but be warned: I'm one of those writers who maybe shouldn't blog -- I could really use an editor.

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